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About The PodcastDr. Bob

Dr. Bob, Life Architect

Meet Dr. Bob, the visionary behind Apex Dental, a high-end cosmetic and facial esthetics dental practice, in Northborough, MA. But he’s not your typical dentist. Dr. Bob, known as @BOBGDMD1 on Instagram, has a story that transcends the dental chair and dives into the realm of transformation, empowerment, and inspiration.

Dr. Bob isn’t just about fillings and root canals. He’s a life architect, sculpting more than just smiles. His journey began when he decided to take control of his own life. Over the past four years, he shed an astonishing 200 pounds—a metamorphosis that went beyond the physical. Dr. Bob’s transformation was profound, touching every facet of his existence.

But Dr. Bob didn’t stop there. His newfound vitality ignited a passion to empower others. He and Dennis Vanasse launched the Apex Lifestyles brand, a movement that encourages people to reach their peak potential. Whether it’s through fitness, nutrition, or mental well-being, Dr. Bob believes everyone deserves to live life at the Apex—that sweet spot where mind, body, and spirit align.

In July of 2023, Dr. Bob clinched victory in the prestigious Nita Strauss Body Shred Challenge 5. His dedication to health and fitness paid off, and he stood tall as the champion. But for Dr. Bob, it wasn’t just about winning; it was about proving that anyone can rise to the top with determination and resilience.

And now, Dr. Bob invites you to join him and Dennis on the Apex Lifestyles Podcast. Tune in as they interview thought leaders, athletes, and everyday heroes who’ve conquered their own summits. Expect candid conversations, practical tips, and a dash of humor—all aimed at helping you ascend to your personal Apex.

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Follow Dr. Bob on Instagram @BOBGDMD1 for behind-the-scenes glimpses of his dental practice, fitness routines, and daily musings. And don’t forget to subscribe to the @apexlifestyles1 YouTube channel for exclusive content that’ll fuel your journey to greatness.

Remember, life is too short to settle for mediocrity. It’s time to live at the Apex.